Bengali New Year 2018, Bangla New Year Greetings

Bengali new year 2018 celebration going to start soon. In India there are many cultures followed by different states as every state gives its own definition according to their calendar. As Hindu follow Hindi calendar, Bengali follow Bengali Panjika, similarly every language in India has its own calendar and follow it to celebrate their festivals. In Bengali, Bangla New Year is celebrated on 14th April or 15th April in Bangladesh.

Bengali New Year Celebration
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Happy New Year in Bengali

Pohela Boishakh is called the first day of New Year in Bengali. Bengali calendar follows the solar calendar which is based on Surya Sidhanta. Bengali New Year is celebrated by starting new ledger of business and a holiday is announced for this day so that people can enjoy the Bengali New Year following their own traditions.

Pohela Boishakh Bengali New Year
New Year Bengali Greetings

Bengali New Year Greetings

In Bengali, “shuvo noboborsho“ Happy New Year is wished by people in their Bangla language. On this Bengali New Year day, people worship their God wearing their traditional dress, women wear saree and men prefer to wear panjabis, makes Bengali dishes and etc. Population of Bangla follows the Bengali Panjika (calendar) from the first day of the Bangla New Year and tries making their new year more special. There are many things to do on year as starting new work, wishing others, plan for destinations, roaming in fairs and etc.