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The Chinese New Year is also known as Spring Festival. From long back, this is the most important social and economic holiday in China. New Year 2020 in China falls at the turn of the traditional lunar solar as per the Chinese calendar. The Dragon plays a huge role in the Chinese New Year Celebration. Dragon is a symbol of strength and power. According to the legends in China, the Dragon breathes fire, summons the wind and call for rain. The Dragon, according to folktales, can fly into the clouds and can also hide in the sea. It’s also capable in changing its size, becoming as big as the sky or disguising itself as a pinhead. In this article we are going to share all about the Chinese New Year 2020 traditions, Spring Festival and all about the Dragon, their Preparation and much more.

Chinese New Year 2020

Dragon legends: In the Chinese lore Dragon was a creature with powers to breath fire, bring food, rain and even hurricanes along with the power, strength, and good luck. Starting in the Han Dynasty emperors took on the symbol of the Dragon as they think to bring good fortune to their land.

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Origin of the Dragon: There are many legends regarding the Dragon’s Origin in the Chinese history. Most relevant of that is the Totem-Worship Theory. The Totem is associated with a nursing object (such as Associate in animal or plant nursing) that serves as an emblem of a tribe and reminding them for their ancestry and the tribe firmly believes that they're related by blood to an exact animal. Almost each tribe had its own distinctive totem in ancient times. It was said that Huangdi fought with Yandi for the throne. After the victory, Huangdi adopted Associate in nursing imagined dragon for his coat of arms.

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Later, Huangdi launched a series of wars against the nine tribes on the Yellow watercourse depression and incorporated the different tribes' totems into his own when defeating them, claiming him to be the monarch of central plains of China. Then dragon totem became popular throughout China ever since.

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This is the most important event for the Chinese people that they start preparing their New Year 10 days before. People enjoy a lot on this day as they share their feelings, emotions, and Chinese New Year gifts, Chinese New Year Cards and Chinese New Year Food with their dear one. They worship the Dragon and seek its help for a happy life. Want to know more about the Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, Chinese Dragon or others stay tuned with us.

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