Indian New Year 2020, New Year in India

India is the only country where all festivals are celebrated at a very large scale and in a very different manner. In India, people follow both the Indian and the western culture. According to the Indian calendar New Year in India is celebrated at different times in different states in their own culture. According to the Hindu calendar New Year is known as Vikram Samvat or Hindu New Year in India. in 2020, it is beginging from 18th March (The 1st Day of Chaitra).

Hindu New Year Celebration Hindu New Year Festival

Indian New Year Traditions

Hindu New Year is celebrated from the start of chaitra mass (month) and according to western culture new in year in India is celebrated on 1st January i.e. first day of the first month of the year. In India there are many ways to celebrate a festival as Hindu celebrates their Hindi new year in every state in different manner at different time.

Indian New Year 2020 Celebration Indian New Year Celebration in Goa

Celebration of New Year in India on 1st January is in its own way that is some people plan to go for vacation, some choose perfect destination for celebration of New Year in India. Goa is on the top of the list in best New Year celebration destinations in India. On Indian New Year 2020 people launch parties, New Year Wishes to friends and relatives by messaging, or go to their homes and greet them.

Indian New Year Parties in Mumbai Indian New Year 2020 Party

Happy New Year in India

Indian New Year has its own values and definitions as this is the day when people wishes many things and promise to do something good whole year. Most of the people in India start their new work on the first day of the New Year celebration in India with best wishes and blessings of God.

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