Happy New Year in Italy, Italian New Year 2020

“Buon anno!“ this is the wish of the Italians on new year to each other. Italians celebrates every festival in different manner and big interest. So, if you planning to celebrate the Italian New Year in your way then this is the place where you will know about the New Year In Italy.

Italian New Year Festival Happy New Year in Italian Italian New Year Food

New Year 2020 in Italian

Italy follows the western culture as Italian’s New Year celebration takes place on 31st December and 1st January. In Italy New Year Eve celebration takes place on 31st December at large at public and private places. In Italy, people believe to celebrate their festival with food, music, parties, fireworks but food is concerned first.

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Italian New Years Traditions

In Italy, Naples is known for the best fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Italy. On Italian New Year 2020 Friends and relatives are invited for small get together with fun activities and with a complete food arrangement. According to Italian’s New Year In Italy is celebrated in best way with the help of fireworks, parties dance, music and etc. Firework display on New Year’s Eve in Italy is like the whole sky is lightened with colorful lights and this light show continuous till past midnight.

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