Happy New Year in Japan, Japanese New Year 2020

The Japanese New Year always come on 1st January. It is an annual festival for all the Japanese with its own customs. The official Japanese New Year has been celebrated on 1st Jan every year since 1873 as per the Gregorian calendar with the name of New Year's Day. Therefore, the traditional Japanese New Year 2020 celebration is still marked on 1st January like the contemporary Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean New Years.

Before the Meiji period, Japanese New Year date was based on the Chinese lunar calendar such as contemporary Korean, Chinese, as well as Vietnamese New Years. On the’ other hand, in 1873, after 5 years the Meiji mending, Japan accepted the Gregorian calendar. Therefore, the 1st day of January month became the cultural and official New Year's Day of Japanese.

Happy New Year 2020 in Japan

Happy New Year in Japan

Japanese New Year and celebrations are fully different from Western New Year celebration. The New Year Japanese with celebrations extending until 3rd January, New Year in Japan is a family affair, solemn, quiet, as well as it is not marked via revealing, countdown, fireworks parties. Actually, almost Japanese will be at home with his or her family members. And those relatives far from them, they will send them Happy New Year Images 2020 and Wishes. As always, many Japanese peoples are the working population gets a some days off forend of the year and beginning of the year.

Japanese New Year Celebration

New Year is absolutely one of the majority vital festival in Japanese calendar. Each and every Japanese family celebrate this festival with vigor and elan. This new year is celebrated on 1st January, however before 1873, it executed as per the Chinese lunar calendar. Further though the celebration date has changed, the occasion celebrated with the reasonable Japanese New Year conventions. This occasion is too crucial for the Japanese people which all the institutions, offices, factories, as well as shops stay closed for the whole days.

Japanese New Year Festival

According to the Japanese, there are a number of Japanese New Year customs, among them, some important ones are given below.

  • In reply to keep away the evil souls, the Japanese hangs a chaff cord in ahead of the front of their house. This brings good fortune.
  • At the time of New year, the Japanese go to the temple as well as ring the bells of temples 108 times. In addition to, they think that ringing the bell 108 times will keep away all the evil forces.
New Year 2020 in Japanese

Japanese New Year 2020 Wishes

Japanese New Year celebrations start from 1st of January along with it lasts for 2 weeks means around 14th January. Here, we have updated all the required details regarding the Japanese New Year 2020 which is celebrated by the all Japanese in Japan and entire world. And also we have collected New Year Wishes 2020 so that you can send them to your closer ones. Therefore, you can get all the information about the new year of Japanese from here. If you want some additional details then you can comment us below.

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