Korean New Year, Happy New Year in Korea (North Korea, South Korea)

The Korean New Year is always celebrated by the Korean people around the world on the first day of Korean lunar calendar and Korean New Year 2020 will on 28th January. Generally, the Korean new year is same as Chinese new year except while new moon happens between 15:00 UTC (Korean midnight) & 16:00 UTC (Chinese midnight). The Korean New Year day one of the most valued traditional Korean holidays for all the Korean people around the world. Korean New Year is also known as Seollal. It consists of a period of celebrations which starting on Eve of New Year.

Happy New Year 2020 in Korea Korean Lunar New Year 2020

Korean Happy New Year

Generally, the Korean New Year celebrates on the day of 2nd new moon after winter solstice, however there is a very thinly intercalary 11th or 12th month in the lead up to New Year. In this situation, the New Year celebrates on the day of 3rd new moon after the solstice. It is one of the most significant traditional Korean holidays. in South Korea, the occasion centers on family reunions as well as reconciliation, food and placating the elders and ancestors.

Korean New Year Celebration Korean New Year Eve Dance

The New Year of Korean is typically a family holiday as well as three days holiday of new year is used through several to come back, to their hometowns, to meeting their parents as well as other relatives. After that, they celebrate a parental ritual which is called charye. In the charye ritual, almost Koreans dress up in colorful traditional Korean clothing called hanbok according to the Korean New Year tradition. However nowadays, small family members wear other formal clothing in place of hanbok.

Korean New Year Festival 2020 Korean New Year Food

Happy new year in Korea

This year, the Korean New Year day will come on 28th January 2020 because it is the first day of Korean lunar calendar. Therefore, if you want to send some best Korean Happy New Year Wishes, greetings, messages, SMS, quotes, jokes and other then you can free download the best and latest quotes and images with text of Korean New Year 2020 from here.

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