Happy New Year Eve 2020 - Things to Do on New Years Eve Day

In Gregorian calendar, the last day of a year i.e. 31st December is referred to as New Year’s Eve. In many countries, people celebrate the New Year's Eve through social gatherings in the evening. The people eat, drink, dance, and watch the fireworks mark on the New Year Eve Party. Generally, the celebrations go on past midnight into 1st January.

New Year Eve Specialty: What makes the New Years Eve special is that it is not just like every other day. Yes, it is but for most people the New Year represents hope. The year may not have passed exactly like the one we thought it would. But with the New Year, there is a hope that the year will bring new energy to the family and help them move forward.

Celebration on New Years Eve What to do on New Years Eve Day

New Year Eve Celebration 2020 – Things to do on New Year’s Eve

The New Years Eve is celebrated all over the world and each place has their own was to bring in the New Year. Some spend their new years eve partying at a club and other might choose to stay will their family and loved one’s. Some choose to go on vacations with their family or friends, spending the New Years Eve and Weekend away. Also this time, people will use different ways to celebrate Happy New Year 2020. We want that people enjoy this eve a lot again.

Things to do on New Years Eve

New Year's Eve Celebration at Burj Khalifa Dubai

There is no doubt to say it that New Year's Eve Celebration at Burj Khalifa is one of most beautiful Celebration in the World. It is remarkable that Burj Khalifa which is situated in Dubai is the tallest building in the world. If you want to watch the best fireworks in Dubai then any other option can't beat Burj Khalifa. The display of Fireworks at this tallest building is considered most expensive firework.

New Year Celebration Burj Khalifa

Plenty of people congregate altogether the waterfront of the Dubai Fountains to grip the magnificent light and aqua show at midnight. If you're existing in Dubai, do not miss the entrancing atmosphere there

Watch the Last Year Firework Celebration of New Year Eve at Burj Khalifa, Dubai

New Year Eve Celebration 2020 In India

In India, on the night before the new year, most of the New Year celebrations Parties happen in the big and major metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Agra, etc. To mark the arrival of the New Year, there are lots of shows, events, and parties organized all over India. Celebrities both big and small and other eminent personalities are also invited to these parties where they perform as well as enjoy in these parties.

New Years 2020 Eve

Many New Year Eve Discos and Pubs organize big singers, DJs or local talent to liven up the night with their music and songs. Goa is the most visited destination during New Year's celebration both by Indian and foreign tourists.

New Year 2020 Eve Party

Major events like live concerts and dances by Bollywood stars on New Year Eve are also organized and attended mostly by youngsters. The hotels and resorts see an upsurge in booking during the season of New Year as the people go out to bring in the New Year with their family to places like Goa, Manali, and others. These hotels and resorts also lure the tourists with special Happy New Year offers and deals.

New Years Eve Dancing

New Years Eve Day 2020 - What to do on New Year's Eve

There is also a large population of people who follow old Indian traditions of celebrating the New Year. People belonging to the Hindu community organize different pujas in the expectations of a happy and fruitful year ahead. The Christian community people go to the church to give a watch night service till midnight where they pray for blessing in the coming New Year. We are as excited as you for the New Year’s Eve and we wish you a Happy New Year in advance. Do share with us your plans to celebrate this New Year’s Eve.

Planning for New Year Eve 2020 Celebration

Are you planning to go any where on New Year Eve? Wait! for you, we have shortlisted some places that are incredible for the New Year Celebration. Going to any one of these places on Happy New Year 2020 can give you a sweet memory. So don't forget to check those places.

Best Places to Celebrate New Year - Experience the Unforgetable Moments

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