New Year in Holland (Netherlands) 2020, Dutch New Year Celebration

The Dutch New Year is a very special time for the people of Holland. The country is known by three names- Holland, Netherlands, and Dutch. Holland is the collection of the regions of Dutch land and Netherlands. From long back, this is the most important social and economic holiday in Holland. The New Year Celebration in Holland draws quite a lot from the traditions and customs of the country. This makes the Dutch New Year Celebration’s 2020 joyful as well as unique. In this article we are going to share all about the New Year in Holland 2020, Happy New Year Festival in Netherlands and all about the Parties, Dance and much more.

Amsterdam New Year Celebration Holland New Year Celebration

New Year in Netherlands

From 26th December to 31st December every year, people and companies in Holland send Happy New Year Wishes by giving cards and greetings to their dear ones. At New Year’s Eve in Holland, people celebrate with each other by holding a toast. Many parties are organized by the inhabitants for the tourists. For tourists who want to party on New Year’s Eve, Holland is heaven! Tourists can join the locals in the welcoming of New Year and can enjoy the Happy New Year Party in Holland, all day and night till the early hours on the 1st Day of the New Year.

Netherlands New Year Dive Netherlands Happy New Year 2020

Dutch New Year 2020 Traditions

As soon as the clock ticks 12 on New Year Eve in Holland, people wish and greet whoever they meet a Happy New Year or a Gelukkig Nieuwjaar. Everybody sings New Year Songs in Dutch and drink wine. Traditions followed by the people of Holland are –

• Public parties are held or public bonfires to burn Christmas trees are lit.
• Hiking or cycling in the countryside are organized by people.
• Employers give some extra money to their employees on or around January 1st.
• Cleaners and people who deliver newspapers request a tip for their services in the past year.
• Fireworks are lit to mark the start of the New Year.
• Festive and luxury meals are served.
• Food contains a lot of oil or fat, such as oliebollen and appelflappen to make Goddess Perchta happy.
• New Year's Dives are organized.
• People sing songs and welcome the New Year in happy spirits.
• Organize a New Year's reception or meal.

So New Year Celebration in Netherlands is a blend of tradition and up-to-date parties. You can easily find a modern Party as well as a family gathering in the countryside. Don’t wait to experience the New Year Holland Style!

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