New Year in Spain, Spanish New Year 2020

The Spanish New Year holds a very special place in the hearts of the people of Spain. This is the most important social and economic holiday in Spain since long back. The New Year Celebration in Spain draws quite a lot from the traditions and customs of the country. This makes the Spanish New Year Celebration’s joyful as well as unique. In this article we are going to share all about the New Year in Spain 2020, Happy New Year Festivities 2020 in Spain and all about the Parties, Dance and much more./p>

New Year in Spain

New Year in Spain 2020 - How to Celebrate Spanish New Year

At New Year’s Eve in Spain, spending time with your respective families is still considered the most important thing in traditional localities. But for tourists who want to party on New Year’s Eve in Spain globalization has made it possible. Tourists can join the locals in the welcoming of New Year and can enjoy the Happy New Year Party in Spain, all day and night till the early hours on the 1st Day of the New Year.

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Happy New Year in Spanish

Eating 12 Grapes – Every grape symbolizes a month and it is believed that eating grapes prior to the New Year brings prosperity and good luck. People eat a grape at the strike of an hour mark till the New Year’s formal clothing in place of hanbok.

Eating Chocolates - To signify they had a wonderful celebration last night, Spanish people eat chocolates or biscuits at the early Morning of the New Year day.

Bright Colored Dresses - To welcome good luck and bright future all the participants wear bright colored dresses during the party.

Special Round Ring Shaped Cake – Elders cook this special cake and hide some gifts in it. The one who finds those gifts is expected to have a marvelous year ahead.

Wearing Red Colored Innerwear - One cannot purchase the red innerwear for himself or herself as it must be gifted by someone else to bring good luck and prosperity.

Fireworks – Of a traditional New Year celebration, fireworks form an integral part. People believe that they make space for good luck and holiness by driving away the evil spirits.

Spanish New Year Celebration

Happy new year Eve in Spanish

At New Year Celebration in Spain, all the people dance, sing and greet each other with kisses and hugs just to make the arrival of the New Year a grand occasion. Celebrate Happy New Year 2020 in Spain if you get a chance and say Happy New Year in Spanish - Feliz Año Nuevo!

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