Happy New Year in Wales - Welsh New Year 2020

The Welsh New Year is a very special time for the people of Welsh. From long back, this is the most important social and economic holiday in Wales. The New Year Celebration in Welsh draws quite a lot from the traditions and customs of the country. This makes the Welsh New Year Celebration’s joyful as well as unique. In this article we are going to share all about the New Year in Welsh, Happy New Year 2020 Festivities in Welsh and all about the Parties, Dance and much more.

Welsh New Year

Welsh New Year Celebration 2020

At New Year’s Eve in Welsh, there are many social and private parties organized by the locals. For tourists who want to party on New Year’s Eve, Welsh is descent! Tourists can join the locals in the welcoming of New Year and can enjoy the Happy New Year Party in Welsh till the 1st Day of the New Year.

Welsh New Year 2020 Celebration Happy New Year 2020 in Welsh

Tradition in Welsh on New Year 2020

First footing – A man with dark-hairs walking into the house is considered lucky. Just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, the man leaves the house by the back door and on the strike of midnight, he knocks on the front door to gives silver for wealth salt for seasoning, bread for sustenance, coal for warmth and a match for kindling.

Never Lend Anything on New Year’s Day – Another Welsh tradition to be observed on New Year Eve in Welsh.

Mari Lwyd, the Grey Mare – People go their neighbors’ houses and abuse and ridicule them. They are reciprocated in the same way by the host. After the friendly banter gets over, the host invites the visitors for drinks and refreshment.

Calennig - small parties of boys would receive the, calennig – small copper coins, as they carry twigs of evergreen plants and cups or jugs of water and use the twigs to splash water at people.

New Year in Welsh

Happy New Year in Welsh

So New Year Celebration in Welsh is heavily sided towards cultural and traditional values. You can easily find it tough to locate hot and happening public New Year 2020 parties in Wales but can easily locate family gathering in Welsh. If you get a chance, do go and celebrate New Year in Welsh in Victorian style if that’s your thing.

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