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New Year Jokes - On this planet, no one wants to live without laughter. Everyone wants to laugh. So to fulfil your need, we have brought a collection of New Year Jokes. So that you can have fun and entertainment while entering into Happy New Year 2018. So that you can start forgetting your problems, your pain. Sometimes, we face many problems in our life. Problems are the part of our life. That time, the most important thing is how do we face them. But beginning of a new year can be a great opportunity or time when we can restart our life. So check these Happy New Year Jokes. And also check these New Year Meme 2018 and also send to your friends on New Year Eve Day. Also you will find here new year jokes in Hindi.

In young generation, there is a tradition of Memes. Young peoples like to check Meme. So in order to that we have created a great assemblage of New Year Meme. And there is a warning for you that once you check these Happy New Year 2018 Memes, you will die hard of laughing. So don’t wait more and check the collection of new year jokes and meme.

Best New Year Jokes
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New Year's is just a holiday
created by calendar companies
which don't want you reusing last year's calendar

Santa Ρroposed a Girl.
Gιrl said: I Αm 1 year Εlder to you.
Santa said : οye no problem sοhniye I’ll Μarry you next Υear… 😀 😛

New Year Jokes
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Funny new year jokes
Don't Know! What Would Mr. Yogi do in New Year 2018?

John, at a New Year's party, turns to his friend, Dave, and asks for a smoke.
“I thought you made a New Year's resolution and that you don’t smoke,” Dave says.
“I'm in the process of quitting,” replies John with a grin. “I am in the middle of phase one.”
“Phase one?” asks David.
“Yeah,” laughs John, “I've quit buying.

Dear God, my prayer for 2018 is
a FAT bank account and a THIN body.
Please don't mix it up like
you did this year

I'm planning on finding new and interesting things to hate about my job in 2018

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New Year Jokes in Hindi, Happy New Year 2018 Jokes

Most Indians feel comfortable while reading Hindi Jokes as compared to English Jokes. So as to, we thought that there should be a huge collection of New Year Jokes in Hindi. Our team worked hard and came up with excellent collection of Funny New Year Jokes. You are going to rock when you will send these Happy New Year 2018 Jokes to your friends. Because your friends will say that I am dying of laugh after reading these New Year Jokes 2018.

Girl : Janu Ηam year Κi last din Μe
aik lοng drive Ρay jayen gya Ρathan : Nahi g Μeri b.v bemar Ηy mujy usy Ηospital le kr jana Ηy.
Τum shadi Shuda Ηo
Ρathan:- ham Νy to phly hi Βataya hy k
Μe aik boht Βadi musibat Μa gariftar Ηun…..:-)
Ηappy New Year !

New Year 2018 Jokes New Year Jokes Best New Year Meme 2018 Best New Year Memes 2018

New Year Meme to Amuse Your Siblings and Friends

In our life, Friends are really important. We may not be with them on New year’s day eve. They may be in other cities or countries. So you don’t need to be down. We have super collection of Happy New Year 2018 GIF for Friends. Wherever your friends are on the new year 2018 night, you can send these new year gif images 2018 and make them feel that they are important for you. Here you are going to find many Happy New year Animation Images.

New Year Meme 2018 New Year Memes 2018 Funny New Year Meme 2018 Funny New Year Memes 2018 New Year Memes 2018 Latest New Year Memes 2018

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We hope that you have burst into laughter after checking these new year jokes and meme. Download or copy and send these stuffs to your friends. Give them a chance to laugher very hard. We want that you laugh for this whole new year and be happy. We wish you a happy, healthy and laughing new year.