Vietnamese New Year 2020, Tet Nguyen Dan - New Year in Vietnam

The Vietnamese New Year 2020 will be celebrated on 16th of February 2020 in Vietnamese culture. It is the most important day which is also called Tet ( short form of Tet Nguyen Dan) that is considered the most popular festival of the year in Vietnam. The Tet day celebrated on the 1st day of Lunar month Calendar. Vietnamese New Year celebration is the longest holiday that can last up to 7 days.

Vietnam New Year Tet 2020

Happy New Year in Vietnam, Tet Nguyen Dan

Tet Nguyen Dan / Vietnamese New Year is celebrated in the presence of spring which is based on the Chinese calendar, ordinarily has the date falling in January or February. Generally, New Year of Vietnamese celebrated on the same day of Chinese New Year, but except while the 1 hour time difference between China and Vietnam consequences in new moon occurring on different days and time. The Vietnamese New Year takes place from the 1st day of the Vietnamese calendar’s 1st month during at least the three days.

New Year Year 2020 in Vietnam Happy New Year Year Vietnamese Tet

Almost Vietnamese cleaning the house and prepare special Vietnamese New Year food on the holiday and. These foods include banh, banh day, chung, dried young bamboo soup, gio as well as sticky rice. Many people are habitual during Tet like visiting another person house (Friends, family, loved one, etc) on the first day of New Year and send many Tet / Vietnamese New Year wishes, ancestor worship, giving lucky money to elderly people and children, wishing New Year greetings as well as opening a shop.

Tet Vietnamese New Year 2020 Vietnam Lunar New Year 2020

Vietnamese New Year 2020

Vietnamese New year 2020 is also an occasion for family reunions and reunions. Every people and family members are start forgetting regarding the troubles of the past years as well as hope for a superior upcoming year. In addition to, they consider Tet or new year of Vietnamese to be the 1st day of spring along with the occasion is often called Hoi Xuan (Spring Festival).

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