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Chic Long Bobs 2020 that Make You Trendier

Chic Long Bobs 2020 that Make You Trendier

Long bobs 2020 can be applied with various ideas such as angled bob with side bangs, symmetry-sides bob with natural bangs, braided long bob, bun long bon & side swept long bob.

Women will always be proud of their hairstyle. So, hairstyle should be chosen as wise as possible. With good looking hair, women will also look good. Some women want to apply hairstyle with symmetry. In this case, bob becomes the best choice. Bob can be applied with short, medium, or long hair. Now, long bob is increasingly more popular. Different women may apply different long bob depending on their desire. Therefore, this article will share the ideas of long bobs 2020.

Angled Bob with Side Bangs

One of the best options of long bobs in 2020 that you can apply is angled bob with side bangs. Bob is commonly applied with neck length hair. However, you can also apply longer with angled style. For example, you want to apply left angled bob. So, the left should be cut with longer angled model. This angled style will make you look much more stylish. Now, it becomes one of the most favorite styles. After that, create bangs customizing to the angled you apply. The bangs may also stay longer until they block one of your eyes.

Symmetry-Sides Bob with Natural Bangs

The second idea is symmetry-sides bob with natural bangs. This idea is one of the most popular bob hairstyles. Besides that, it is also appropriate for you who have double chin so that your chin will look slimmer and more ideal. To apply this hairstyle, you need to make your sides of hair symmetry and longer than the back. After that, let the front hair create bangs naturally. Anyway, it belongs to long bobs 2020 that you should consider.

Braided Long Bob

Besides that, it will also be a good idea if you apply braided long bob. This hairstyle is popular until now. With this hairstyle, you will look very chic and cute. To apply this, firstly you need to cut your hair with long bob style. Then, you should braid your hair for the both sides. For the front hair, it depends on your desire whether you will create bangs, comb it back, or other ideas. Anyway, it belongs to one of the long bobs for 2020 that you can try.

Chic Long Bobs 2020

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Bun Long Bob

Then, you can also look chic with simple style that is bun long bob. In this idea, you need to combine bob style with bun arrangement. So, your long bob haircut should be arranged with bun. The bun you apply can be for all of your hair from the front until the back or you may let the back hair down naturally. Anyway, it belongs to long bob hairstyles in 2020 that you should try.

Side Swept Long Bob

Long bob hairstyle can be arranged with various ideas. Side swept can also be one of the most popular ideas. There are many women who apply this hairstyle. If you are interested in it, you just need to sweep your long bob hair based on your desire whether it is left side swept or right side swept. That is all long bobs 2020 that you can apply now.

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