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Hairstyles 2020 and Color: What’s Hot This Year

Each year there are various trends surrounding haircuts, styles and colors. 2020 has been a year of innovative styles and eye catching designs. This include hairstyles for both men and women. While dozens of hair trends popped up in 2020, there are a few that are truly worth noting. This article details some of the most popular worldwide hairstyles 2020 and color trends, too. The list includes styles for men in addition to styles for women. If you feel bold, choose one of these styles for yourself to change up your look. Bob hairstyles tend to rise and fall in popularity every couple of years. 2020 is definitely a year when bob haircuts are incredibly popular. A bob haircut is a polished and low-maintenance style that leaves hair short, sleek and put together. This still is very diverse, so it is suitable for office settings as well as social settings. This hairstyle works well for women who have straight hair. If you have curly or wavy locks, you can still pull off a bob haircut. Just make sure to invest in flat iron to smooth out your hair. Dark hued hair is another popular trend for both men and women. Brunette shades have been particularly popular throughout the entire year of 2020. Chestnut brown is a notable choice because it suits a large variety of skin complexions. For an extreme change, some women and men opt for a blackish-brown hue. If you are not ready to go full-on dark, consider getting some lowlights. This will add dark streaks to your light hair, which gives it a trendy look without a major makeover. Men's hairstyles have been quite prominent this year. Longer hairstyles for men are seen on runways as well as in the streets. The "man bun" style is sported among young men across the world. This style often features shaved sides and long hair on the top of the head. This hair is pulled back into a top knot or bun. Men's pomade products can give this style a very sleek look, which makes it suitable for special occasions. Aside from the "man bun" trend, long hair in general has been widely seen on males. Long hair on men is diverse in nature and can be worn in a variety of different ways.

Hairstyles 2020 and Color

See Also : Benefits Of Downloading Hairstyles 2020 App Blunt or fringe style bangs are another popular hairstyle in 2020. Fringe bangs pair well with both long and short haircuts. Fringe is super diverse and can give off an edgy vibe or a put-together vibe. It all depends on how the bangs are styles. For office settings, women may sport sleek and straight fringe. Fringe with razored ends is more popular for an alt-look that is casual yet eye-catching. Overall, the hairstyles 2020 and color trends are diverse, fun, and easy to pull off. You can explore any or all of these trends to find one you love. Experiment a bit to see what suits you the most. Have fun with your hair while trying out these trends, and you will find a great one that works for your personal style.

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