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Stylish Hairstyles 2020 Age 50

If you are fifty and over, it is hard to find really stylish hairstyles. Being middle age doesn’t necessary mean you have to take “old-lady-look” hairstyles. You still can look fabulous, beautiful, vibrant and elegant. Often the case is, once you reach middle age, you turn into two extreme types of women, one type is old and dowdy and the other one is elegant and graceful. The reality is you are not young anymore, many of you have young adult children and some of you even have grandchildren! You don’t want to look like tired and old, but at the same time you don’t want to look like trying too hard to look young. If you try to pretend as if you are in your 20s or even early 30s, you are more likely look pathetic and can cause embarrassment to your children and grandchildren. Just imagine how you would have felt if your mother had a hairstyle like Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry when you were at high school and came to school for teacher and parents interview! Shocking, isn’t it? So the key points for hairstyles 2020 age 50 are, stylish, elegant and sophisticated. You would like to express yourself through fabulous hairstyle and feel gorgeous and confident. Let’s take a look at some stylish hairstyles 2020 age 50, for short, medium and long hair.

Short Hair Styles

The key for short hairstyle is “chic”. The front part features sweeping fringe across your forehead giving sweet and chic impression. The back features short layers for elegant look. For everyday hair care,use a styling product such as gel or wax and using a styling hair brush blow dry. Then if your hair looks too fizzy, use a flat iron and finally set with a hair spray.

Hairstyles 2020 Age 50

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Medium Length Hair Styles

If you have shoulder length hair, it is the perfect length for middle aged women and there are quite a few variations of stylish hairstyles you can enjoy. Actually medium length hair is easy to express yourself ad sexy and stylish lady. You can’t go wrong with medium length hair regardless your hair type, color, thickness and texture. You can have center parted one length hairstyle or side parted lightly layered style. You can keep your hair straight or gently curled. Just avoid getting a tight perm as it makes you look silly or unsophisticated. If you want get a perm make it a loose one.

Long Hair Styles

If you have long hair, the most important thing is a good care. As you age, your hair ages too and lose its firm texture, strength, thickness and shine which cause make you look old. So invest on good quality and organic hair care products and put maximum effort on daily hair care as your routine. If your hair is long, when it is damaged and tired it looks more prominent than shorter hair. As for hairstyle, Long layered with loose perm is the way to go. This style soften your face and give graceful impression.

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