Working On How To learn Hairstyles 2020 Braids

I am working on trying to learn hairstyles 2020 braids for my new job. I will be working at a kid's hair salon. There will be times when I will need to know how to do a braid.

I know sometimes the moms will ask for their daughters and I want to be ready with any hairstyles 2020 braids that I can figure out how to do. I know how to do a simple braid but I need to learn how to do a more complex one. I want to be ready no matter what the customer might ask for.

I learned how to do a braid when I was just six years old. My friend down the street taught it to me. I then would practice on my dolls hair. I am not sure why I never tried anything new or different when it came to that.

It was back then I realized I did like working on hair and wanted to do that when I grew up. I knew I would go to beauty school as soon as I was able to do so. It was such a good choice for me and I am glad that I made it.

Now I am looking at starting my first job after graduation and I am a little bit nervous about it. It will be the first time I work on hair professionally and not just for class. It will be good for me and I will enjoy having my own paycheck for doing something that I love.

I decided to work in a kid's salon because I love children. I love to do fun things with the hair as well as giving the first haircut. It is so emotional for the parents and it is neat to watch.

Hairstyles 2020 Braids

I also know how to do adult's hair but if I can stay with the kids I would rather do that. We will see where this job leads but right now I am feeling pretty good about it. I just need to learn more about the braids.

I will be working at the salon with one of my best friends which will really help things out. I know I won't be as nervous on my first day because of that. It will be nice to already know someone when I first get started there.

I am hoping my hours will be good. I am just not sure what they will be. I know the salon is open late some nights and I might have to work those. I think that will work out for me but I won't be able to spend as much time with my boyfriend as I would like to.

This salon is the third place I applied. The other two just didn't work out but I think that was for the best. I am excited about starting my new job and being able to do a lot of fun hairstyles for the kids that come in.